miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

Every person's wish - very original idea -

Dick-truth translator

Heeeey long time no see, are you coming to visit this summer? I really miss hanging out together with you and all the guys :(! what's up with your life? lookin' forward to your answer xxx

Hey sexy lady I broke up with my current sex partner and I just remembered how awesome you were naked. I was really wondering whether I will see your body again this summer. I really miss your boobs with or without a shirt on :(! Just in case, do you have a boyfriend? I really, really hope that I will get to have my dick in your mouth eventually xxx

Girl-truth translator 

Heeeey youu! It's been sooo long you're right, I'm doing great, friends and stuff ^^! Of course I am, will you be there? Oh, it would be so good if we could all get together for at least once! What's going on with your life? we should chat one day and you can tell me! i miss you guys too xxx 

Hey boy hey wow this is so awkward I mean hello? Last time we talked we were together OMG do you want something? You wish! Ha! It has been certainly LONG since YOU WROTE, dickhead. For your information my life is perfect right now but I won't tell you the details ^^! I wouldn't miss seeing you guys again FOR THE WORLD you guys mean so much to me but not specifically you, all of you guys there, we could have so much fun, and plus it would be devilishly awesome to see how fat Paula got! Are you still with that skank who is definitely fatter and uglier than me? I really want to hear about how lame you're doing is right now and tell you about my SUPER GREAT life. I didn't miss you at all these months xxx

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Jon Machalón dijo...

¡¡Grandísimo, no puedo parar de reírme!!

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